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Сообщения за Сентябрь, 2010
Долго пытался выбрать время и подойти к решению Multiseat , читал сетевые материалы, искал "жертву". А потом, сидючи за машинкой, подключённой к интерактивной доске, увидел среди списков пакетов Пакет: userful-multiplier Описание: Userful's Virtualized X-Server (Trial Version) Userful Multiplier(TM) is a virtualized X-server (multi-seat, multi-station) that turns 1 PC into ten saving on hardware, maintenance, and power costs. Simply add extra video cards and connect up to ten monitors, keyboards and users.  Easy graphical configuration tools walk you through setup and linking of screens and keyboards. The product is a trial version with a nag screen. To get rid of the nag screen, end-users may either register for a free 2 user version for non-commercial use, or may purchase commercial support for up to 10 users per PC. http://www.userful.com/products/userful-multiplier http://www.userful.com/products/downloads/free-2-user http://openUserful.sourceforge.net "